Big Brother Canada 10 interview: Stephanie Paterson on big blindside vote

Stephanie Paterson

Last night’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode was an eviction for the ages, as Stephanie Paterson found herself totally blindsided. Everyone other than her, Jacey-Lynne, Kyle, and Gino were on the plan to take her out, which was really a shut across the bow at the Head of Household for his frenetic style of play. The house got their moment of victory versus Kyle, but that left Stephanie as an unfortunate casualty.

Below, we talk with the latest evictee about her time in the game, who she blames for her exit, and also who is legitimately surprising her in terms of gameplay. Note that we were asked to limit our questions to events pertaining on the show versus the live feeds.

Matt & Jess – Through a lot of the show, we heard you talk about being confident and thinking you were going to be fine this week. Yet, was there ever a devil on your shoulder telling you to be any more concerned?

Stephanie Always! In that house there is so much paranoia and you are questioning yourself at all times. In that house there are so many what-ifs … There’s a trickle-down effect where you start to overthink so many different scenarios. It’s a lot of gut instinct and going based on what you hear, but what you hear is not always the big picture.

One of my fears if I was in your situation would be if I started to raise questions and started to act concerned, people would be like ‘why are they so paranoid?’ and then that would be a problem. Was that on your mind?

Definitely. I was talking to people from the moment I went on that block to the second before the vote. I remember this conversation with Jess and I went up to them in the pantry. I said ‘hey, I just want to make sure I have your vote.’ They looked me in the eyes so convincingly and ‘of course you do, why? Is there a flip?,’ and I was just like ‘no, I’m just worried.’ I had a right to be worried (laughs), because I left! There are so many good liars in that house.

Let’s get a little bit into the blame game here. Who do you think is most responsible for you being out?

Kyle is responsible, but Summer is the one who constructed it.

Do you think it was just a bunch of individual conversations? It’s hard thing to do, planning a move like this without you knowing.

It was a 9-2 vote and they were able to keep it from me. Maybe some people were hinting at some things to me and I wasn’t able to pick up on it. The fact that they were able to keep [the secret] together is wild.

The name ‘King Kyle’ was used on the show to describe his Head of Household, and it did feel like in part you being evicted was a move against him more so than one against you. Can you try to put into words what it was like being under the HoH reign of this man?

It was something I wouldn’t wish on [anyone] — it was SO messy and so chaotic. I think I was a casualty of his game and it was no fault of my own that I saw the door this week. I think the house really wanted to stick it to Kyle and be like ‘we’re not here for what you did and Steph’s leaving because of that.’

If you had managed to stay and won HoH — I would say ‘Queen Stephanie,’ but you don’t want to be anything like King Kayle — what would you have done?

I definitely would’ve put Kyle up to give him a taste of his own medicine — use me in your game of chess, and I’ll come back at you with the exact same move. I’d make him feel a little uncomfortable since I think he got way too much up on his high horse. But then, I definitely would have tried to target Summer. She’s an amazing, strong social player within that game. When you’re playing that game, you don’t want to be around that. I definitely would have tried to get her out.

Is there someone in the game who has completely surprised you versus your first impression of them?

Kevin! He was very meek and was like ‘I don’t know anything. I’m on this different planet.’ … But he’s got some things going on and he’s had them under a real good lock and key. It’ll be interesting to watch and see how he turns up and plays.

I know it can be hard going home pre-jury, but what did you enjoy the most about this experience?

Just being able to play the actual game and seeing it from a different lens rather than just watching it from your couch. It is a completely different experience that you can never prepare yourself for. Walking through those doors is such a euphoric moment and saying that I was a part of season 10 is an amazing feeling.

So now that you are back to being a spectator, who are you rooting for?

I want to see how far Jacey-Lynne can get, but I think she’s going to find herself in a tricky situation. From a viewer’s lens, I want to see how far Tynesha and Summer can get! They’re pretty strong forces in the house.

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