’30 Rock’ season 7, episode 11 review: Who’s the new president of NBC?

30 RockDid anyone else get a little emotional at the end of “30 Rock” this week? It’s really starting to sink in now that the series is actually going to be ending in just a matter of a week’s time, as we will have a full hour of Liz Lemon to look forward to as we see just how the character rides off into the sunset.

One thing that we do seemingly know after watching this episode is that TGS seemingly is no more. After trying to sell out the show in a last-ditch effort to save it and keep the NBC investors happy, it was actually Liz’s hard crew who convinced her that the dream was over by doing what they do best: nothing. In making this move, they allowed her the opportunity to get to meet her adopted children for the first time. In seeing her embrace two people who were really a younger version of Jenna and Tracy, it was pretty clear that she had found a new sort of commitment to her life, and one that did not require her to be at work every second of the day.

While there is an hour left, this moment actually could have served as the perfect final scene for the show. After all, we know now that Kenneth has been appointed the new head of NBC by Jack, and it’s really hard to see a major emotional moment coming for characters as vapid as Jenna and Tracy, and all we can really see them doing in the finale is trying to find success with their next crazy idea. Meanwhile, all we can hope for with the crew is that they jump right into production on another show.

As sad as it may be, “30 Rock” is ending at the right time: when the show is still funny, and we feel emotional about saying goodbye to it. We’re going to miss Liz and her quick wit on TV, especially in an age where so many other characters are becoming too commercial to the appoint that they end up soulless.

What did you think about this episode, and the way in which “30 Rock” is saying goodbye? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can read more news pertaining to the show here.

Photo: NBC

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