Snowfall season 5 episode 4 video: Prepare for Cissy’s return

Snowfall season 5

Tonight on Snowfall season 5 episode 4, there is going to be a lot of emotional stuff that happens — and much of it could be tied to Cissy.

Odds are, you remember very well what happened with her and Alton at the end of last season: They took off to Cuba, where they thought they would have a chance at a totally-new life. Or, that is what they thought. What they unfortunately discovered is that there is no clear escaping their problems even if they would like to do that.

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Thanks to video HERE, you can prepare yourself fully for Cissy’s big return to this world — and we have a ton of questions about why she is back now. What sort of tense conversations can we expect between her and Franklin? How much does she know about what happened to Alton, and how will that impact son of her son’s business dealings? It’s pretty darn clear that Teddy killed him, but Teddy is also just a force right now in Franklin’s life. Ever since he came back into town he’s tried to enforce both his will and some of his prices; Franklin clearly doesn’t like it, but what can he do at this point? That’s going to be an interesting discussion for quite some time.

We love what Cissy brings to this show; with that in mind, we’re just happy Teddy didn’t kill her, too.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Snowfall season 5 episode 4, especially for Cissy?

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