‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Who are getting new love interests next?

Becca TobinIf there is one thing that we have learned about the “Glee” writing process over the past four seasons, it’s that executive producer Ryan Muprhy loves to pen himself some romantic plotlines. Every single member of New Directions (save thus far for Wade / Unique) has been paired at least once with someone else, even if it did not eventually develop into a full-fledged relationship. So are we going to see something else coming in this department? Based on what we are hearing now, it sure seems like it.

In a new series of posts on his Twitter, Murphy explained that there are going to be two characters in general who are going to get a new love connection on season 4: Kevin McHale’s Artie and Becca Tobin’s Kitty. You should not take this as any sign that these two characters are going to be hooking up with each other, though, since they have not really had any chemistry at all on the show thus far. Kitty has been preoccupied with trashing Marley and occasionally her ex Jake during the season, whereas Artie has almost been missing in action romantically since the storyline with Sugar and Rory last year that had great promise, but ended up going nowhere. (Meanwhile, Rory ended up disappearing straight off of the show save for a cameo in the Christmas episode.)

Expect these new storylines to play out in the coming weeks, but especially once we get to the Valentine’s Day hour that will be airing in just a matter of weeks. “Glee” returns with “Sadie Hawkins” Thursday, and be sure to check back here following its airing for a full review.

Who do you want to see these two characters end up with in the future? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also find out some more Kurt and Burt scoop over at the link here.

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