‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Robyn Howard tells Sean Lowe about ‘chocolate’

RobynThere are not many times on “The Bachelor” where you see both a joke and a pick-up line turn into something romantic, but somehow this is exactly what happened when it comes to Robyn Howard and her relationship with Sean Lowe.

On this past episode, Robyn actually felt like a ghost for most of the show as she was only spotted briefly with Sean, and she had no real moments with him as she did when she wiped out coming out of the limo or had a pretty intelligent conversation with our leading man in race. However, she finds some private time with Sean next week, and proceeds to ask him if he wants some chocolate (in some other words) before going in for a kiss. Yes, she totally made the chocolate line work, and we thought this was the sort of thing that we only heard in the movies.

Robyn is someone we pull for, since she seems to be relatively down to earth, funny, and has stayed thus far away from the contentious drama that makes us groan about just how much some of these ladies tend to lose their way over the course of the filming process. Speaking of drama, Tierra LiCausi is going to cause plenty of it this week as she plays a favorite “Bachelor” contestant card: she finds many of the other women to be “fake,” and thus proclaims to the world that she can’t be around them. Then, she pulls a Courtney Robertson and tries to take advantage of this by spending more time with Sean.

The problem here is that Sean seems to really be taken with Tierra for now, and it could take something really drastic to shake him out of some of his current feelings.

What do you think about Robyn’s lead-up to the kiss: is it funny, or just plain awkward? If you want to read about what Kacie Boguskie had to say about her elimination on the show, you can do so here.

Photo: ABC

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