Power Book IV: Force season 1 episode 5: What did Jenard do?

Power Book IV ForceAfter watching Power Book IV: Force season 1 episode 6 on Starz this weekend, we can say one thing with confidence: Jenard is not messing around. This is a guy who hasn’t been happy with Tommy Egan for a while, and that throws into question big time his role in the shootout at the end of the episode.

Was Jenard trying to help Tommy — or, take him out instead? There’s a lot to get into here…

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Our feeling right now is quite simple: Jenard wants Tommy gone, and he’ll do what he can to make it happen. There’s a spark there with him and Liliana sure, but he wasn’t driving down the road aiming carefully. Instead, this is a guy dealing with anger over Elijah’s death and a pretty clear desire to get his part of the city back. He doesn’t want to share anything with Tommy, and we think there’s clear tension as well with his own brother Diamond over control of the CBI.

There’s one other thing we’re left to wonder at this point: When in the world is Liliana going to get out of the city? We don’t want it to happen, but it’s almost like Tommy said: The longer she stays there, the more likely it is that she’ll find herself in big-time danger. We just hope she’s prepared for that…

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