Survivor 42 spotlight: Meet seminary student Maryanne Oketch

Maryanne OketchHow will Maryanne Oketch fare at SurvivorIt may be too early to know for sure, but there’s no denying she’s a fascinating part of this season.

Maryanne is a 24-year old seminary student from Ajax, Ontario, and she comes from a family of first-generation immigrants. She’s used to surprising people and pursuing big dreams; what bigger dream is there than doing extremely well on this show?

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In watching Maryanne’s casting video and reading up about her game, one of the major things we’ve learned about her is just how kind she comes across. She feels like someone who is intelligent, a great listener, and will want to do what she can to help her alliance get far. She’ll be competitive, but don’t think she’s going to be out there to backstab every single person. She’s a great person to keep with you, unless you start to realize that she is a significant threat to win at the end of the game.

Our concern with Maryanne is that she may be too nice, and that could prove to be her undoing. Is someone going to take advantage of her out there? It’s at least possible, and we don’t want to see that happen. She’s so enthusiastic about the game and exciting to be a part of it! She also brings a different voice to the season and we’re excited for more Canadians to be getting the opportunity after so many years of not being eligible to take part.

Maryanne may not be the most physical player in the early going but the longer the season lasts, the more dangerous she could become. She could be overlooked right after the merge and with her background and her personality, we wouldn’t want to be sitting next to her at the end of the game!

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