Survivor 42 spotlight: What Marya Sherron is looking for in the game

Marya SurvivorOne of the things that is so fascinating about Survivor is that everyone has their own reasons for being out there. For some people, it is the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Meanwhile, for others it’s all about the money, or maybe it’s just the opportunity to get on TV and have a crazy experience.

While Survivor is a big part of Marya Sherron’s life, it’s fascinating to hear her discuss in her preseason video an added reason for being out there: A thirst for adventure she wants to rediscover. The 47-year old teacher/stay-at-home mom makes it clear that there’s a part of herself that she’s lost of time and she’s hoping that this experience can help to reignite that passion under her.

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Marya anticipates being somewhat of a teacher or mother figure to a lot of people in the game, but also recognizes that she’s not there for that. She is highly intelligent and thinks she’ll be able to manipulate and read people in order to give them whatever they need, while also looking out for her own interests. We think she’s going to try and operate in the shadows, working to get things done without no one expecting her to be steering the ship until it’s too late.

We get the sense that Marya does fancy herself a possible power player — after all, she compares herself to Tony! This is just one of those things we need to see in order to fully believe. The same goes for her competition ability in the early going. She doesn’t need to be amazing; she just needs to hold her own and make sure the target is on someone else. We think she’s got the main qualities to do well in the game, whether it be self-awareness or an understanding of who the biggest threats are. We just have to wait and see how so much of it comes together for her in the end.

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