The Blacklist season 9 episode 11: The benefit of a big reveal

The Blacklist season 9 art

In just over 24 hours, you are going to have a chance to check out The Blacklist season 9 episode 11 on NBC — and absolutely, there is a reason for a lot of excitement here. “The Conglomerate” is an episode promising to feature Raymond Reddington digging further into the night of Elizabeth’s death. Along the way, he could learn more about how Vandyke was able to know where he and Liz were going to be — and, potentially, who tipped him off.

We know that this show loves its long-simmering mysteries, but is there a case to be made here for a big reveal sooner rather than later?

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The #1 argument that we have for The Blacklist showcasing something soon is quite simple: It would allow them more in the way of flexibility. If we learn who is responsible for cluing in Vandyke early, it means that we can start to connect the dots sooner and understand why they would do this. It would also work to set the stage for some sort of epic showdown closer to the end of the season.

We don’t realistically think we’ll learn anything this big tomorrow night, but we hope this isn’t a mystery that the show holds onto until the final few episodes of the season. Let’s say, for example, that Marvin Gerard betrayed Reddington and told Vandyke — or, that Neville Townsend is actually still alive. If one of these turns out to be true, don’t you want to have some time to dive into the glorious aftermath? We tend to think so.

Do you want a big reveal to happen on The Blacklist season 9 episode 11?

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