‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: A bad day to be Spencer Hastings

Pretty Little LiarsTuesday night’s new episode of “Pretty Little Liars” season 3 was at first meant to be a romantic episode for Spencer and Toby celebrating their one-year anniversary. Instead, what we had was a devastating story about pain and heartache, and some people finally picking sides as to whether or not to be good or evil.

When it comes to Meredith, the answer here was pretty simple: she’s bad business. Not only is she working against the Liars, but she also has no problem dragging Aria’s drugged-out body into the basement. We wonder what exactly her endgame is when it comes to doing something like this, but it may boil down to whether or not she is acting this way because she genuinely evil, or just downright crazy.

Regardless, it really does not matter since Meredith has now fled the coop, and Byron is left actually trying to be a good person. He decided that he was going to go in to the police and tell the truth until Aria stopped him, and said that there was no reason for him to move forward. It was a powerful moment, and helped to make us realize that while Byron is hardly a saint, he’s not a murderer … and there are more mysteries set to be revealed when it comes to the night of Alison’s death.

Now, we turn to the unmasking of true evil: Spencer figuring out the truth about Toby courtesy of one simple mistake that he made with an ID card for Radley Sanitarium. The only thing that made this more painful to watch was seeing how Spencer actually internalized her suspicions long enough to catch Toby completely in the act, and now she is left to sit alone in the rain and wonder why. This ending was one of the simplest in the show’s history, but also the best one since quite possibly the first season of the show.

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