‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 review: Should Zoe and George be together? His mother thinks so

Hart of DixieOn tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2, Brick has reignited his romance with Shelby and says that he wants to tell his daughters about their relationship, so they don’t have to sneak around anymore. Unfortunately before he has a chance, Lemon and Magnolia discover a bra in the couch.  Shelby tries to befriend Lemon in an attempt to win her over, but Lemon pegs her for dad’s secret lover and decides to play with her until the truth comes out.

AnnaBeth meets a charming English stranger, Oliver Kent, and snags a date with him at the Rammer Jammer.  Lavon recognizes her date, but can’t put his finger on who he is. He realizes that Oliver is a fake, just another southern guy, but when he confronts him, Oliver tells him that he has Foreign accent syndrome after hitting his head on a boat. Lavon tells him that he needs to tell AnnaBeth the truth. Oliver tells her the truth and she tells him that he needs to go to the doctor to get it fixed, but he’s scared that losing the accent will change how she feels about him and he’s right.

After pulling Shelby into the woman hunt for the person sleeping with her dad, a late night call to Brick’s office from AnnaBeth convinces Lemon that it’s AnnaBeth who is sleeping with her dad.  Lemon comes busting into Brick’s house to confront them, but he clears up the mess and tells her the truth about him and Shelby. Lemon pretends to be happy about the match up, but tells Shelby secretly that she plans to get her out of the picture.

Speaking of sneaking around, George’s parents surprise him on his boat, meeting Tansy for the first time and his mother is not impressed.  His parents take George and Tansy to the movies and run into Zoe and Wade on a date.  By the end of the film George and Zoe are gabbing on and on about the movie and his mother thinks that if Zoe was with George that it could be his ticket out of Bluebell.

George and Zoe decide to have another double date, but Wade and Tansy are not interested in going out together again, so both George and Zoe have to make up excuses for why it can’t happen. After lying to get out of the double date, the two couples run into each other that night at the same restaurant. George and Zoe get text messages from his mother saying that his father is having chest pains, so they both leave to see what’s happened, but when they get to George’s boat she drives off with them.  She tells them that they belong together and that until they admit it she isn’t letting them off the boat.  Zoe sends Wade a text telling him what’s happened and Tansy decides to go rectify the situation and drags Wade with her even though he told her to let it go.

Just as Tansy and Wade arrive at the boat, George admits that he and Zoe still have feelings for each other. After George manages to shove his foot even further into his mouth, Tansy storms off in a rage.  He explains to her that even though there will always be a connection with Zoe, but he doesn’t want to be with her, he wants to be with Tansy.  Zoe over hears what he said to Tansy and tells him that she feels the same, and is really happy with Wade and everything works out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2? Are you rooting for George and Zoe to get together or are you happy with the coupling?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: CW

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