Survivor 42 spotlight: Meet healthcare worker Jackson Fox

Jackson FoxHow is Jackson Fox going to fare on Survivor 42Personality-wise, it’s clear already that he’s going to be really fun to watch. He’s got a great personality and zest for life, and he’s eager to get out there and start blindsiding people.

Is it true that we hear this sort of stuff from a lot of people? Absolutely, but we do think that Jackson may be capable of following through with some of it and that excites us.

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There’s no denying that Jackson has a compelling story: He’s a 48-year old healthcare worker originally from Pasadena, Texas, and he’s spent much of his life working and adapting. One example he gives in his preseason video (watch here) is learning how to be out on his own after coming out as a trans man. We tend think life experience is important for a show like this, since you know how to handle adversity and also help others. His occupation should at least give him an awareness of how to tend to other people and be a source of comfort in certain situations.

So what could he be up against this season? He admits that people may underestimate him early, and if they do that in tribes of six he could be an early target. He’ll need to hit the ground running more perhaps than some other players, who could be much younger or have a lot of different things in common. He needs to rely on his Texan charm to build some early bonds with people and make them think he’ll look after them in the game. From a strategic standpoint, that includes making alliances; however, it’s just as important to take the time to get to know other people.

Jackson’s a high-variance player; we could see him going out early, but also lasting really far into the game. It’s going to be based mostly on the alliances he makes, and how he can balance an array of different relationships.

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How do you think Jackson Fox is going to fare entering Survivor 42?

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