‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Get ready for the Spencer – Toby reveal

TobyOdds are that if you are not feeling a little choked up by the end of Tuesday night’s new “Pretty Little Liars,” you may be lacking in the “soul” department. Why? It is just about to be revealed that Toby is a part of the “A Team,” and Spencer Hastings may not have the reaction to it that you will expect.

Without necessarily giving away all of the details here, let’s just say that the revelation comes out thanks largely to Spencer’s own intelligence. Toby makes a small mistake, but she is astute enough to put the pieces together from there; and speaking to TVLine in a new interview about it, executive producer Marlene King explains that this is not something that she is actually going to be telling everyone straight out of the gate:

“When Spencer finds out, she almost goes through the stages of grief: First, it’s denial, then anger, then sadness and, in her odd way, acceptance, too … Her original thought is to say, ‘Please, Toby, tell me there’s more to the story’ — and we leave you hanging with that for awhile. But she’ll [initially] keep it a secret. That’s her journey through the first half of Season 3B, because she doesn’t want the girls to know — especially when she’s still trying to process and make sense of it.”

As time passes, however, expect Spencer to get more and more caught up in the fact that she has an extremely painful secret that she is keeping from the group, and the end result of this will lead to her imploding and her world falling apart.

The only piece of advice we can give you is to get your hankies ready: if you were crying when you learned that Toby was working against the Liars in the summer finale, you’re sure to be sobbing soon.

What do you think is going to happen with Spencer and Toby in the long-term? If you want to watch all of the sneak peeks from the episode, you can do so here.

Photo: ABC Family

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