Survivor 42 spotlight: Meet data scientist Hai Giang

Hai GiangFrom the moment that you hear Hai Giang speak about preparing for Survivor 42you can feel how badly he wants to be there. The 29-year old (who lists Atlanta and Gia Rai, Bac Lieu, Vietnam as his hometowns) grew up watching the show. He idolized Yul in particular, and he feels like he’s been training most of his life to be a part of this experience.

There’s no doubt, at least on the surface, that Hai is going to be a strategic player — he’s a data scientist in real life, and clearly he knows the game backwards and forwards! His success on the show will just come down to application of this knowledge.

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In Hai’s CBS preseason video (watch here), Hai references that he is used to being an underdog — it’s something that he can easily use in the game to his advantage. When you have humble beginnings, in a lot of ways it prepares you for anything. He’ll know how to work hard and also navigate delicate social dynamics. He may also not be thought of as a big threat when undeniably he is. He’s not one of the bigger guys this season but that could be to his benefit — a lot of endurance comps late in the game don’t benefit some of the typical Survivor muscle-bros.

If Hai can make it all the way to the merge, we have no doubt that he can make it to the final three. He knows the game well enough to stop at nothing in order to get the grand prize; we feel like he’ll be savvy, strategic, and know when to cut allies. His big struggle may be getting there if people recognize early on how big of a threat he could be. He’ll need to keep his target small, while also operating behind the scenes and making sure the numbers work out in his favor.

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