‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Expect another ‘Glee Project’ arrival

The Glee ProjectIf you are an enormous fan of “The Glee Project,” then you may have a serious reason to smile right about now: Ryan Murphy confirmed on Twitter that there would be someone from the first two seasons of the Oxygen reality show appearing during the Valentine’s Day “Glee” episode next month.

As for who it is, that much is still a mystery. It would make a certain level of sense for Damian McGinty’s Rory to be at the Will – Emma wedding given his past with the two characters last year, and it would help to explain why he has been listed on some press releases as of late. However, McGinty has not exactly been anywhere remotely close to Los Angeles lately, and we don’t frankly know just when he would have had an opportunity to film anything.

(Warning: spoilers ahead.)

With some promos suggesting that the Warblers cheated during Sectionals, it would not personally come as a surprise to end up seeing Lindsey Pearce competing again in a rival glee club. The only other possibility is that there will be a new face that turns up, and we can’t even begin to think of who that person would be. We pulled for Aylin Bayramoglu to win most of “The Glee Project” last season, but we can’t really see her appearing without a longer story to go along with it. But then again, this goes for most of these characters, and Ryan may just be putting in an Easter egg to make fans of “The Glee Project” happy.

We’ll be playing a guessing game for a long time here trying to figure this out, but while we are on “The Glee Project,” is this a good time to request more work for Samuel Larsen? Despite him being a part of the cast, the man’s story for Joe Hart for season 4 has basically just been to stand around and occasionally make a comment or two about spirituality.

For those wondering, there is no word yet on the future of “The Glee Project,” mostly because “Glee” itself has yet to be renewed for a fifth season. If that does happen within the next month, the show will probably end up getting renewed; otherwise, the best talent farm on TV could be a thing of the past.

Who do you want to see turn up on “Glee”? If you want to read more about the future of “The Glee Project,” be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: Oxygen

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