ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 13 preview: Back to that body in the ocean

RevengeRemember when we saw the sight of a dead body submerged underwater in a boat at the start of “Revenge” season 2? It was a long time ago, but the wagons are finally going to circling back to it beginning with the episode airing on Sunday, February 10.

So whose ghost is set to wander the sea? The only clue that is given in the promo below is that it will be someone close to Emily who makes the “ultimate sacrifice” to protect her, just as she has sacrificed much of her entire life in order to try to prove the innocence of her father David Clarke. It’s hard to speculate on possible candidates with so little context, but at the moment there are a few people who we could see being in danger.

Aiden – He clearly does love Emily, but he also has developed a rather nasty habit of getting himself in nasty situations with the Initiative and some characters in the Hamptons. As skilled and as dangerous as he may be, the White-Haired Man’s death proved that you can only be so good at your job for so long.

Amanda – She and Emily have already sacrificed their true identities for each other, so it would not come as too great of a stretch to see her go so far as to take a step further to save her … especially when she knows the full extent of what being with Jack has done to Emily’s psyche.

Kara – Could Jennifer Jason Leigh resurface, only for her to eventually bite the dust later? Her story has been vastly overhyped this season, and having her go out in a blaze of glory would help to justify it.

Nolan – He does care for Emily, but is a little more under-the-radar with his support. He also has too many problems of his own to really get involved on a deeper level.

Daniel – It’s an intriguing thought to see a Grayson act selflessly, but this family’s not going anywhere. Daniel will likely be around just as long as the show is.

Who do you think is in the most danger? Be sure to share below, and click over here to see our look at the show’s current ratings dilemma.

Photo: ABC

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