‘Teen Mom 2’ review: Jenelle Evans gets a phone call from Kieffer Delp

Jenelle EvansOn this week’s episode of “Teen Mom 2” we saw all of the girls move in and out of their respective homes – a change of environment can be a good thing.

So let’s start off with this review with our favorite, Jenelle Evans: After moving out on Josh, moving in with Amber and dropping out of her classes, Jenelle has nothing but time on her hands. After receiving a call from her ex, Kieffer, telling her that he’s been released from prison, she wants to see him.  Unfortunately he is still wanted int he town that she lives in and because she’s on probation she can’t see him, but they decide to throw caution to the wind and he comes to see her.  After two days of fun together, Kieffer turns himself in and her probation officer is none the wiser to her indiscretion with Kieffer, but they do know that Jenelle has been hanging out with Amber’s boyfriend who is also on probation and that violates her terms.  After being told to stop hanging out with Amber’s boyfriend or go to jail, Jenelle asks Amber to keep her man away from the house and after a giant fight between the two girls, Amber moves out and Jenelle’s friend Hannah moves in.  Jenelle decides to make Amber’s move as difficult as possible and throws all of her belongs out onto the porch like trash.  When Amber shows up wearing Jenelle’s hoodie, she forces the girl to strip it off on the front lawn.

Next we’ll move on to Leah: She is ready to move into her new home, but first sits down with Cory to give him the heads up that she will be having Jeremy over once a week.  Cory says that if she’s happy, then he’s happy for her and we wonder if she wasn’t hoping that he would try one last time to win her back.  Leah wants to spend more time with her girls and decides that despite the protests from her adviser, that she is going to drop all of her classes.

Now we will focus on Kailyn: After talking to Jo, she decides that moving her son away from his father isn’t what she wants to do, so she goes on the hunt for a new house.  After finding the perfect place to buy (and getting approved for it) she goes out to celebrate with her friend Gigi.  She tells Gigi about a boy named Javi that she’s interested in and Gigi decides to set it up so that Javi comes over to help her move into her new place, giving them a chance to get to know one another (if you didn’t know Javi and Kailyn end up getting married).

Lastly we will take a look at what’s going on with Chelsea: After the neighbor’s dog attacked and killed her dog Frankie, she’s been pretty down about things, but when her mom gives her a new dog, things start to look up for her.  She decides that she needs to move into a new house and her father agrees to co-sign for her as long as Adam doesn’t move in.  After a short search, Chelsea finds a place that meets her criteria and she buys the home, making her happier then we’ve seen her in months.

Photo: MTV

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