Is Isabel May leaving 1883 after finale; is Elsa Dutton dead?

Elsa DuttonIs Isabel May leaving 1883 following the events of the upcoming finale? Can we expect her character of Elsa Dutton to die?

Here’s where things stand at the moment: She was shot by an arrow in episode 9, which of course was foreshadowed back at the start of the season. While she’s still alive for the time being, it’s abundantly clear that she is far from out of the woods. Her father James more or less expects for her to die sooner rather than later, and he’s mentioned potentially setting down at the site of her death with the family. It’s easy to make the argument that this happens in Montana — hence, this being the place that later becomes the Dutton Ranch.

Ultimately, there’s an argument to make that Elsa does not end up living all that long, and that May (easily the breakout star of the show, given that everyone else was famous beforehand) is getting set to exit stage right. Yet, we’re still somewhat skeptical. So much of this series has been framed through her narration and her journey, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she at least survives beyond episode 10 and lives for a little while longer.

It’s important to remember here that 1883 may not necessarily be a show designed to last some long period of time; it could go for a little while longer only to eventually end in the character’s death. There are still a multitude of ways that this story could be told, and even if Elsa doesn’t die right now, her shooting may still be the pivotal moment in how everything is handled, both in terms of the present and future.

Ultimately, remember that 1883 will also be giving way down the road to another spin-off in 1932, one that will chronicle another period of life around the ranch.

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