‘The Carrie Diaries’ episode 2 review: Carrie’s house of lies collapses

The Carrie DiariesOn tonight’s episode of the “Carrie Diaries”, Carrie tries to get some time alone with Sebastian, but Donna and her minions are making it impossible for that to happen (not to mention she’s also grounded).  With both Carrie and Dorritt being grounded they find that it’s really a blessing in disguise as they find a way to have fun together.

Sebastian asks Carrie to come with him as his date to a country club dinner, but because she is grounded she can’t. At the dinner he runs into Donna who convinces him to take a tour of the country club with her.  Mouse is also there and sees them together and immediately calls Carrie. Out on the balcony Donna and Sebastian smoke drugs and she tries to kiss him, but he moves away from her.

The next day Carrie asks Sebastian about the country club and he tells her that nothing eventful happened, but Donna magically appears and gives him his jacket back. Sebastian apologizes to Carrie and tells her that nothing happened between them and she forgives him.

Larissa calls Carrie to tell her that she needs her to come to the photo shoot immediately with her purse, but Carrie is busy working at her internship.  She cooks up a lie to get out of work and go to the photo shoot. At the photo shoot Carrie has to leave her mother’s purse behind to get back to work, but Larissa gives her a Dior scarf as a gift to say thank you. When Carrie returns to work and hour and a half late her boss threatens not to sign her slip for school, but Carrie not only lies her way out of it, but she also gives her boss the Dior scarf to wear on her date later that night leaving Carrie in the clear.

Carrie later hatches a plan to spend time alone with Sebastian, hoping to meet up with him at swim club. She asks Dorritt to meet her at the pool and Dorritt is actually really excited to spend time with Carrie, but when she gets there Carrie explains that she’s using her as an alibi to be with Sebastian.  When Dorritt gets home she tells her father what happened and he goes down to the pool to confront Carrie about what she did.  Sebastian apologizes to Carrie’s dad for his part in the lie and he accepts the apology, but isn’t happy about who Sebastian is.  Later Carrie apologizes to Dorritt for blowing her off, saying that she’s going to make it up to her.

Carrie’s father tells her that if she messes up again that he will take away her internship and she says she understands, but when he tells her that she can’t date Sebastian she doesn’t know what to do. She tells Sebastian that she won’t be going out with him to the concert, but not about her father’s warning about not dating him.  She stays in and has a girls night to help console Maggie after her break up with Walt.

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Photo: CW

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