‘The Bachelor’ review: Tierra Licausi takes a tumble … into Sean Lowe’s arms

TierraIf nothing else fails on “The Bachelor,” just be sure to take a fall down the stairs. Okay, this is not a good strategy, since odds are that you are not going to pull a Tierra and end up not having to go to the hospital.

Do we really know if her fall was staged or not? It certainly seemed real, but she may have played it up from there in order to initiate some contact with Sean Lowe before his date with Ashley. The ironic part of this was seeing most of the other ladies complain about it, when of course they would have wanted Sean to do the same thing to him in that situation. (Heck, Tierra may have been smart to go to the hospital, since Sean could have visited him there.)

As we have done all season long, we’re going to structure our review by talking first about the ladies who received roses, and then the ones who are off crying in a limousine.

Saved with a rose during a date

Lesley – Congratulations! You got to kiss Sean for a really long time. We find these parts of the show to be sweet from a romantic perspective, but incredibly boring when it comes to entertainment. We know: it’s amazing, Sean is the perfect guy, and you’re both looking for the same thing.

AshLee – Isn’t it a little bit weird to try to force these kids with health problems to be surprised on camera? That was the first thought in our mind the moment we learned that AshLee and Sean were going to surprise some kids in need who have been talking together online. From there, the only interesting thing was seeing AshLee open up about her adoption, but doing it in a refreshingly nice way that was honest, but not a sob story. As for watching a random singer pop up for an impromptu concert, groan.

Lindsay – Man, she is coming on strong! After getting the rose during the volleyball-themed group date, it’s hard to remember she is the same person who stepped out the first night in a wedding dress.

Saved at the Rose Ceremony

Tierra – You fall, you get a rose. He couldn’t send her home now!

Leslie H. – We barely saw her at all save for the cocktail party.

Catherine – You can say the same thing about Catherine, even if she did have a few good soundbites here and there.

Daniella – She was worried about getting time with Sean.

Robyn – After wiping out coming out of the limo, it’s been a quiet ride for Robyn.

Selma – Selma’s most significant contribution to the episode was getting pranked into thinking that she was going on a two-on-one date. (We thought it was funny.)

Sarah – She didn’t get a date this week, but she did have an opportunity to visit with her dog.

Jackie – See “Daniella,” and then copy and paste.

Amanda – She almost seems to airy and cheery around Sean to be a real person … and she then deflates when he is not around.

Desiree – After some of her scowling and overconfidence this week, we have a feeling that she is going to be in a much different place in our rankings next week.

Eliminated at the Rose Ceremony

Kacie – Well, she was eliminated right before the ceremony … but whatever. Let’s start things off by saying that we feel zero sympathy for Kacie at the moment. Zero. She was easy to root for on Ben Flajnik’s season the first time … but then she came back to warn him about Courtney … and now she is back again. We feel like for any person who actually is a “Bachelor” contestant for the second time, that there is some other motivation for being there. She obviously knew who Sean was before the season started, and had even met him before in person. Therefore, why does she need this show at all?

Maybe that’s not the case and Kacie really just wants to find love with Sean. But she felt different this season, and her bringing this “drama” between Desiree and Amanda to Sean’s attention on the group date felt like a total plea for airtime. She should have known that talking to Sean about in-house drama would get her in trouble, since it happened on her very season.

Taryn – She didn’t “open up enough,” and was thus sent home with us barely knowing who she is.

Kristy – Hey, she did at least get those Harlequin covers last week.

What did you think about this episode, and do you think that Tierra’s fall was real, staged, or just smartly used for attention? If you want to read some more “Bachelor” news, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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