Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feed spoilers: Likely nominations; card-gate

Celebrity Big BrotherWe’re getting closer to the end of day 21 in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house, and it seem already like there are some changes within the game.

So where do we start? It begins with a slight change in the nomination plan from where things were overnight. If you were unaware, the original plan was for Carson and Cynthia to go on the block together. However, that has since changed, and it’s now looking as though Head of Household Todd Bridges wants Carson up there with Lamar Odom. His idea is to make Carson believe Lamar is the target when in reality, that is not the case.

Go ahead and consider all of this another reminder that we are right smack in the middle of a season full of bad moves. Remember that last week Carson decided to nominate Miesha and then Todd; if he actually wanted to go over Miesha or Todrick Hall, he was screwing himself over. The whole idea to get rid of Shanna Moakler was also terrible, since he took out a potential ally and did the bidding of another alliance.

Now, Todd wants to target Carson even though Cynthia Bailey could win Veto and remove him from the block. Todd would be forced to then nominate either Todrick or Miesha, and at that point, there’s a chance that Lamar would be gone since Carson/Cynthia could stick to their ridiculous final 4 deal with Miesha/Todrick. All of this is another reminder of how lucky it was for Miesha and Todrick that Todd won power this week. He doesn’t expose any plotting on their part.

In other news…

A ridiculous amount of saltiness came out of the house today when Lamar ripped some of the cards Todrick requested. He ranted and complained about it, only for Lamar to joke that Todrick didn’t pay for the cards anyway. Miesha and Todrick were both made about it for hours, and we think Lamar is so done with some of these people. A lot of that comes down to him not liking the way that Shanna is being treated after her exit; it’s weird that the guy who is the least self-aware about the game is extremely aware of who’s acting up in the house.

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