‘Bones’ season 8 review: Pelant is back – are Angela and Hodgins his only target?

Bones season 8

On tonight’s episode of “Bones” season 8, Angela and Hodgins wake up to discover a corpse wrapped up in the canopy above their bed.  They run to their sons bedroom to discover flower petals around their child’s pillow and they are convinced that Pelant is back and is targeting them.  Hodgins and Angela want to go after Pelant directly, but Booth tells them that they have to go through the system, they can’t just go all vigilante after him.

Hodgins is convinced that he and Angela were drugged, but after Cam does a sweep of the house and a test for gases comes up dry, Hodgins still isn’t convinced he and Angela weren’t drugged by gas. Sweets is worried that Hodgins is way too stressed to be on the case and suggests to Cam that he be sent home, but Cam is convinced that Pelant targeted Hodgins because he’s afraid of him and was hoping that Hodgins would be taken off the case, so she declines Sweets request.

Pelant calls Brennan to taunt her about the body he left at Hodgins house and tells her that he has sent her a clue. After working through Pelant’s clues, Brennan discovers the word Lyceum

Hodgins does a lung biopsy on Angela and himself to prove that they were indeed drugged.  The drug that was used is only sold by two vendors and Hodgins owns both of them, so he takes off to find out more information.  They find where Pelant is working from and Booth grabs a team to go apprehend him, but as usual he is one step ahead of them and knows that they are surrounding the building he is in.

Pelant finds the only exit out of the building, but Booth is hot on his trail.  When one of Booth’s men takes a bullet, Pelant has time to hot wire a car and escape, but not before Booth snipes a bullet through the car window and hits him.

Later the group learns that Pelant has a drone plane loaded with missiles flying towards a school for young girls, but Pelant is draining Hodgins bank accounts forcing him to chose between losing his money or saving the girls.  Hodgins of course chooses to save the girls and they self destruct the drone. Pelant is still on the run, but he’s hurt, and since he can’t go to a hospital he is forced to break into a veterinary office and patch up his own face.

Are you excited that Pelant is back on “Bones” or do you want a new big bad to be introduced on the show?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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