‘Big Brother Canada’: Arisa Cox tapped as host, will not try to copy Julie Chen

Big Brother CanadaWhen “Big Brother Canada” premieres on Slice on February 27, it will have a very different sort of personality saying “but first” other than Julie Chen. (That is, if she ever wants to say “but first” at all.) The cable network announced on Monday that Arisa Cox is going to take on the gig as host, which, if the show ends up staying true to its American roots, means that she will be present once a week to oversee some of the show’s eliminations.

What makes Cox a little bit of a unique choice here is that her roots are deeply entrenched in the early days of reality TV, having been a cast member on the 2001 Canadian series “The Lofters,” which was a pretty unique concept in that it combined the live streaming format of “Big Brother” with the structure of “The Real World,” with there being no eliminations. The twist for this show is that the cast members all had to host separate programs while also living in Toronto’s Entertainment District.

In a statement, Cox used this experience to explain why she is a perfect choice to host the show:

“I feel like I’m bringing something else to the table. It’s not just, ’Oh wow, I’m not like you. I would never go on a show like this.’ I’ve been on a show like that, I’ve been those people trying to survive a really surreal place. So, I feel like I’m one of them, even though I’m not.”

Cox also says that she is going to bring a little bit more emotion to the part thatn we traditionally see from Julie Chen in America, who has in many ways become a part of the show’s fun courtesy of the mock-seriousness in which she takes everything from the evictions to the reading of the specific challenge cards.

Are you pumped to see “Big Brother Canada”? Have no fear, as we’re going to be producing up-to-date content for the show all year long, whether it be live feed updates, episode recaps, and more. If you want to find out some more information about the feeds (which will sadly not be for Americans, as we’ve just learned), you can do so over here.

Photo: Slice

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