‘White Collar’ season 4 spoilers: Show boss talks Matt Bomer, Hilarie Burton

Matt BomerFor those of you who love “White Collar,” you have quite a bit to be excited about when USA’s hit series returns with new episodes on Tuesday night. We’ve already seen the winter premiere, and it does a fantastic job of answering all of the questions that you have about Neal Caffrey’s father right out of the gate. Not only that, but there’s also a pretty cool mission that shows a different sort of criminal trade than what we have seen on the show before.

So what else can we expect to see come up? While Matt Bomer’s character will be a single man during the first episode, Hilarie Burton will be returning as Sara not long after this; and therefore, creator Jeff Eastin explains (per TVLine) that his life is once again going to take a new turn as Neal tries to figure out what he wants from his love life:

“Sara’s back in Neal’s life. In an earlier season, she admits to Neal that she had a sister that disappeared much like Kate disappeared. I always felt that was a bonding thing between them. That comes up a little this year. She’s decided to pursue that. In that pursuit, her company, Sterling Bosch, has offered her a pretty huge promotion in the UK, and she is inclined to take it. At this point, her and Neal have decided to do more of a casual, friends-with-benefits type relationship, which they feel is a good way for them to maintain what they like about each other without the pressure of what usually causes them to break up. Fortunately or unfortunately, this pressure suddenly that Sara’s going to take a new job in the UK and they’ll probably never see each other again, it really pushes both of them to say, ‘Is this something worth saving? Or is this something we really want?’ And like I said, we get to use the Empire State Building as our big iconic set piece at the end of the season, which turned out really great.”

Eastin also explains that he is actually rather thrilled with the plethora of locations that he has been able to use for the show already, though there are still some out there (including Madison Square Garden) that would be fun for him if the opportunity arose.

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