‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 preview: Will Andrea be the one to kill the Governor?

The Walking DeadThroughout season 3 of “The Walking Dead” it has been pretty clear that there is a divide and on one side is Rick and his team and on the other is the Governor and the people of Woodbury, but one person that has been a bit of a wild card is Andrea.  Who’s side is she going to end up on?

Since being left behind at Herschel’s farm at the end of season 2, Andrea was on her own with Michonne for almost a year before meeting up with the Governor and his town, so her allegiance to Rick has changed somewhat – until recently she didn’t even know if Rick and the crew were even alive at all.  To make matters even more confusing for her, Andrea has entered into a romantic relationship with the Governor and even though she has seen what he is capable of she is still not sure that she’s ready to leave all that behind.

All though Andrea has become a hardened warrior, she still knows the difference between right and wrong, so as she watches the Governor fall deeper and deeper into some pretty dark places, we suspect that she will be struggling with her feelings for him along with her own moral compass.  In a new preview for “The Walking Dead” we see a clip of Andrea standing over the Governor as he sleeps with a knife, thinking about whether or not she should kill him before things get even more out of hand.  Will she actually do it or will her feelings for him get in the way?

In the end Andrea could really be the deciding factor as to who ultimately ends up winning the war. Rick has a smaller team behind him, but with more fighters, where as the Governor has a larger group, but not as many people to take up arms.  Andrea is a huge asset to which ever side she lands on (if she ends up on either side that is). Take a look at the new preview below (be warned its a little difficult to hear) and tell us if you think Andrea is going to kill the Governor or if you think her feelings for him are going to stop her dead in her tracks.

Photo: AMC (Source: Spoiler TV)

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