The Blacklist season 9 debate: Will Reddington’s illness return?

The BlacklistThe Blacklist season 9 is going to be returning in just over a couple of weeks, and there are a lot of loose ends that need to be resolved.

What’s one of the biggest ones? It’s a simple matter of Reddington’s illness. It was never altogether clear what James Spader’s character was suffering from. Not only that, but it was also never explained how he is doing better. We can assumed that Mierce may have helped with that to a certain extent, but how much could someone like her really do? That’s an interesting debate in its own right.

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One of the reasons why the show may not be addressing Reddington’s illness at the moment is simply a matter of plot relevance. What purpose would it hold right now? It seemed like a big part of this storyline was tied to Liz and whether or not she’d kill him. Since he was dying, it justified why he’d want Liz to go ahead and pull the trigger.

Yet, Liz is gone now. With that, there’s no reason to bring it back up. We do still think we need more information on it at some point, but it’s mostly a function of when it’ll return. Our feeling? We’ll start to hear more about it closer to the end of the series, whenever that is. There’s potential for more details to be revealed around then, but it’s alongside a number of the other mysteries that are out there. We just hope that moving forward, this isn’t forgotten about entirely.

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Do you think The Blacklist season 9 will address Reddington’s illness soon?

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