Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feed spoilers: Did Chris Kattan leave the game?

Chris KattanOne thing that was clear entering this week on Celebrity Big Brother 3 is that Chris Kattan did not want to be there anymore. He asked to be evicted during the last live show but ultimately, the choice was made to eliminate Mirai Nagasu instead.

Ultimately, it was probably the wise choice for competitive reasons — Kattan was no threat to win the game and beyond just that, he’d probably quit in due time. That is precisely what happened today. He apparently departed while the live feeds were down, in part for the Power of Veto. Given that Shanna still won that and the game is moving forward, it doesn’t seem as though the next eviction will be canceled.

What does this mean for the other players? They have to be on alert! We could see someone like Todd Bridges going up as a replacement nominee when he wouldn’t have otherwise. From here on out, the game will get more competitive.

We will say this: Chris was a super-fascinating presence within the game. He seemingly had no clue what he signed up for and didn’t enjoy the game or some of what was thrown at him. This show isn’t for everyone and ultimately, he had to learn that the hard way. These exits are just something that happens within the celebrity version of the show: It’s hard to find stars who are legitimately interested in not just being in the house, but dealing with the game. we hope that this is the only self-eviction we have since this is a short season, and there could always be some other people who opt to dip out over time.

If nothing else, we hope Chris gets out of the house and realizes that there were a lot of people out there who legitimately enjoyed watching him and were rooting for him to figure things out.

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