This Is Us season 6: EP has fun with a spin-off idea

This Is Us season 2One of the things that we’ve talked about the most when it comes to This Is Us over the years is pretty simple: The idea of a spin-off.

Do we want to see one? Sure, but creator Dan Fogelman has also said many times over that he doesn’t see it happening — at least at the moment. Maybe there’s a chance for the writers/producers to do something in due time, but it’s not something that we foresee taking place over the next year or two. (We’re mostly just wishful thinking in looking beyond that.)

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The irony here is that the “dream” spin-off idea that Fogelman has is one that is pretty similar to one we’ve discussed over the years: A follow-up series about some of the new generation of Pearsons that we’ve seen in the flash-forwards. However, he notes to Entertainment Weekly that it would be hard to pull off:

“One of my early regrets from the show was, ‘Oh, if I had back-timed the past with Jack and Rebecca even more, then hypothetically children and grandchildren could be living more in the present, because the future’s harder to execute than the past.’ So I always thought that the offspring who you’ve met — babies and young children — would’ve been an interesting version of the spin-off, but they’re also living in 2055. I don’t know if the Earth is going to be a wasteland and I don’t know how to do that. I always thought that would be a weird, funny spin-off version of the show.”

There’s no denying that setting things this far in the future comes with its fair share of challenges. You want to present a version of the future that is realistic, but at the same time different from the present. That’s hard to figure out since you don’t want to create a world that is altogether cheesy.

Odds are, we won’t see a This Is Us spin-off, but isn’t it fun to think about?

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Is there any idea for a This Is Us spin-off that you’d want to see?

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