Power Book II: Ghost season 3: The challenge ahead for Effie

Power Book II: GhostEven though the Power Book II: Ghost season 2 finale just aired, that isn’t stopping us from looking ahead to season 3. There’s a lot to look forward to!

For the sake of this article, we want to put the focus mostly on a character we know is in some grave danger at the moment: Effie. Just think in terms of what she just did to Lauren! It’s pretty clear she is responsible for her death, and the only thing that’s been revealed right now is that it’s being thought of as a “car accident.”

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Here is where things get pretty troublesome for this character: We’ve seen enough of Power Book II, let alone the original franchise, to know that nothing is ever as it seems. Things are often SO much more complicated and we tend to think that this will be the case here, as well. Don’t be shocked if somehow, it gets out that Lauren was actually killed and from here, things could snowball with Effie. We could learn more about her as she starts to scramble to keep herself from going to prison.

Given that both Davis and Saxe are supposedly still going to be a part of the show moving forward, we tend to think that they’ll find a way to be involved in a case. Could it be Effie’s? That is one school of thought. Another one is that they may need to protect Tariq again, given that Blanca already has reason to suspect him following the death of Mecca in the season 2 finale. These lawyers could definitely have their hands full, and Saxe may be complicating things further because of his new-found double-agent status.

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