NCIS season 19: Who still needs a spotlight episode?

NCISOne of the things that has long made NCIS stand out from the pack are its characters. We’ve come to know and love them over the years, and they’ve done a good-enough job of introducing new ones that they’ve been able to handle some significant turnover so far this season.

As of late, we’ve seen a few stories that gave individual characters a chance to shine. Earlier this season, there was a huge spotlight on McGee and his relationship with Delilah. Meanwhile, Kasie had a big decision to make regarding a gun, and we’ve also seen something big for Torres as he dove into the world of cage-fighting for a case. You can argue that “All Hands” was an important one for Parker, even if we didn’t learn TOO much about him.

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So who else needs the attention focused on them? We could use a larger Jessica Knight story, even though we’ve had smaller arcs here and there about her niece and also a tough relationship with her mother. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s had a few moments but could absolutely use a more substantial episode, as well.

In general, though, you can argue the character who needs the most of an opportunity at this point is Leon Vance. While Rocky Carroll has gotten a great chance to some stuff behind the scenes as a director, when was the last time he had much of an acting spotlight? Out of all the characters in need of a spotlight (at least those actively on the cast), he’s at the top of the list.

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Who do you want to see get a spotlight episode on NCIS season 19?

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