‘Homeland’ season 3: Does Damian Lewis have a new resolution?

HomelandIf Damian Lewis has received any one piece of advice from his son about “Homeland” season 3, it’s simple: he should try to open his mouth more. Hilariously, this means that the youngster has the same exact sense of humor as the people over on “Saturday Night Live” based on the spoof that we saw during Anne Hathaway’s show this past fall.

Speaking to “Access Hollywood” recently in a new interview, the Golden Globe-winning actor had the following to say in reference to the jokes that his mouth is so small that he cannot possibly use it like a normal human being:

“My 5-year-old makes me do that … He goes, ‘Dad, dad, open your mouth as wide as possible.’ I [say], ‘I am! I am! Stop it!’”

Sadly for Lewis’ son, this is one thing that he is not going to be able to accomplish for him. While he’s far too young to watch him on “Homeland,” the rest of us have plenty to look forward to in season 3. While it is unclear just how much he will be involved in the show, it has been confirmed that the actor will be back. We don’t know what the story for him will be just yet (especially since the executive producer has already confirmed that Carrie and Saul will be a focus), but expect to see Nicholas Brody overseas as the character tries to figure out how to clear his name after being accused of setting off the bomb that killed the rest of the Walden family at the Vice-President’s funeral.

Do you want to know more about where and when “Homeland” season 3 will begin filming? If so, be sure to check out the story over at the link here. In addition, be sure to share what sort of realistic changes you want to see for “Homeland” season 3 (which of course do not involve Lewis’ mouth) with a comment below.

Photo: Showtime

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