‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4, episode 12 preview: Paul Wesley’s admission

Paul WesleyIs there a romance in the works between Stefan and Rebekah on “The Vampire Diaries“? We still don’t know about that, but we do like that Paul Wesley is finally getting a storyline for the time being that does not completely involve Nina Dobrev’s Elena at every turn … even if she may still be part of the endgame in his mind.

In the latest sneak peek for Thursday’s upcoming episode “Catch Me If You Can” (which you can see below), Stefan and Rebekah are continuing to plot out just what they are going to do in order to obtain the cure before some of the other factions do, which include Team Klaus (him, Damon, and Jeremy) as well as Team Shane (where he and Bonnie are leading the charge). These two are clearly in last place at the moment, but Rebekah actually has a pretty smart plan to use Shane’s own failure to keep his secrets to himself against him. If they can leverage Shane’s power, then they can team up to try and beat Team Klaus to finding the cure. At the moment, we know that there is nothing that Rebekah and Stefan would love more than trying to take their brothers down a notch.

It’s possible that we could see these two characters get together, even though she, like Elena, has a history with Damon. After all, he does say that he is “done” with Elena … and there is also the fact that he started this scene straight out of the shower. (What is it about vampires taking showers that makes this such a frequent occurrence on this show?)

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Photo: The CW

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