‘House of Lies’ season 2, episode 2 preview: Will Las Vegas cure what ails Marty?

House of LiesHow do Marty and Jeannie try to move on after whatever it was happened between them on the “House of Lies” finale last year? At the moment, the answer is simple: focus on work, and try to pretend as though nothing is awkward at all after their conversations last week.

On Sunday night, Don Cheadle’s character is going to be taking off to Las Vegas, which we like to otherwise think of as the sort of place that can really distract you from anything. Unfortunately, in this case it does not really seem to be helping him much at all … even though he meets someone who could be a new prospective love interest alone the way.

Despite everything that is going to happen, we are still going to see Marty and Jeannie ultimately drawn to each other yet again by the end of the episode. Will this lead to more debating over what happened “that night”? You can count on it. Jeannie will at least temporarily be distracted by her new boss, who is very interested in taking on a “mentor” role for her … even though she really knows nothing about her other than that she wants to see more women succeed in the company.

We were impressed with the show’s premiere last week, mostly because it did just enough to want to root for Marty (as much as we can for a guy who makes a living being horribly immoral) while at the same time giving us plenty of screwball corporate humor. This is a show that has always been on the cusp of greatness, so we’re hoping now that the show will be able to make the jump.

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