‘The X Factor’ USA notes: Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar, CeCe Frey

Emblem3After focusing on some drama circulating around “The X Factor” USA in recent weeks, who’s ready for a little bit of positivity? Luckily, this is what this latest edition of notes is all about. While none of these stories may blow up your timeline, they are lighthearted, fun, and certainly worth knowing about.

Emblem3 member makes a move – You have to admire Drew Chadwick for being upfront. While most singers / reality competition contestants would not choose to put their heart on their sleeve online (especially when there are already thousands of women fawning all over you), he tried to do that with a certain singer and Nickelodeon star.

A few days ago, Drew tried to get his Twitter base to arrange it so that former “Victorious” actress Ariana Grande (who has since moved on to the upcoming “Sam & Cat”) would go out with him. Sadly, there was a problem: she has a boyfriend already. Better luck next time, Drew? Well, he took finding out the news in stride, and the good thing for him is that he has thousands of other options who would date him right now if given a chance.

Carly Rose SonenclarCarly Rose’s mock cover – It may look like a cover of People Magazine, but it’s not really. Instead, it’s just one of the newest creations from the @CarlyFanArt account that the teen phenom recently tweeted out. What this cover shows us more than anything is that Carly Rose Sonenclar has the support of devoted fans that will take time to actually do and create things for her, which is going to come in handy later this year when she hopefully releases some new music.

Who knows? Maybe Carly will land an actual cover like this someday.

CeCe promises new music – We know that CeCe Frey recently moved to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing her music career in a place where the industry is everwhere; and while most of the details about what she is up to are still unclear, she is promising on Twitter for a new single to come out “soon.” Will she be the first artist from this season to release some new music? Only time will tell, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears on the scene to find out.

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Photo: Fox

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