Power Book IV: Force spoilers: Joseph Sikora on danger around Tommy

Power season 4 episode 9In just a couple of days the premiere of Power Book IV: Force is going to be here and with that, we’re FINALLY going to learn Tommy Egan’s story. He was a fan-favorite character from the original series and somehow, he made it through the entirety of it alive.

Now, the character is heading off to Chicago to start a new life — he’ll make new friends, find new love interests, and work overtime potentially to become a kingpin. Of course, he’s also putting himself in a spot where things could go terribly wrong. We know that Tommy’s a survivor, but he’s also still vulnerable. He’ll die if he gets shot in the wrong spot.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Joseph Sikora notes that in Force, the stakes are such that the character could die at every moment. He’s going to put himself into dangerous situations and finding his way out is not going to come easy. He also indicates that one of the things he most loves about the character is the mass appeal that comes with him:

“The audience has told us, ‘Listen, we’re up for whatever you give us, but we’ll follow Tommy wherever he goes. I was walking through Bed-Stuy the other day and I had a bunch of teens that were, like, ‘Yo, Tommy, when’s the show dropping?!’ And that was as cool to me as this older couple that I met yesterday at a bar. After they paid their bill, they looked over and said, ‘Excuse me, Joseph, we just wanted to say we’re big fans and can’t wait for Force to come out in February.’ Like, wow, it’s such a blessing for everybody involved, especially me, the range of the permeation of the Tommy character and the expansiveness of people that are like, ‘I get this guy,’ and I think they get him because Tommy is a very exposed character. Not because he is exposed and becomes soft to the people he’s with, but because when we have those times of Tommy alone, where he’s not presenting himself in the streets, people can really see themselves in that, because we all have to be somebody else in public and somebody else in private. People can relate to his internal struggle.”

We’ll certainly see more of Tommy exposed through Force, as the character does his best to show both the best and worst parts of himself. He’ll need all of it if he ever wants to be the biggest kingpin in all Chicago.

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