‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Paige finds her own ally

PaigeWho ever thought that the “Pretty Little Liars” would be so immersed in the world of “A” that they would eventually become numb to the fear? There was something interesting in the contrast between Emily and Paige during this past episode concerning the mysterious figure in the woods (i.e. Toby); while Paige of course did the smart thing and had no interest whatsoever in pursuing it, her girlfriend for whatever reason thought it would be a more interesting idea to try and take on whoever was after the two of them head-on.

It is this sort of difference of opinion between the two that could cause some issues on the relationship side of things for the rest of season 3. However, Lindsey Shaw also tells The Hollywood Reporter that Paige is not ultimately going to just sit idly by and allow “A” to try and seize control of her life:

“There is one unlikely companion who Paige teams up with. That comes in next week’s episode. They hatch their own plot to take down the “A” train. It’s someone close to the group.”

Meanwhile, Shaw also tells the website a little bit about the overall sort of progression that we are going to be seeing from her character by the time season 3 wraps a little bit later on in the spring:

“We will see a strong Paige again and we will see an incredible and romantic [Emily and Paige] again, but what comes between I can’t lay down. It’s epic, though; it changes their love.”

The one good thing we take from this comment? It doesn’t seem like Paige and Emily are necessarily on the train to Splitsville, even if they are going through some tough times in their relationship now.

Do you want to see some more “Pretty Little Liars” scoop on the future of Toby? If so, all you need to do is check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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