‘Suits’ season 2, episode 12 preview: Is there a traitor in the ranks?

SuitsIn the world of Pearson Hardman, the word “peace” seems to be something that none of the lawyers fully seem to understand. After all, the second episode of “Suits” to air this spring is going to feature all sorts of drama just within the ranks of the company, as Harvey is going to start to question Louis’ loyalty, and possibly even regretting his decision to mentor Mike in the first place.

When it comes to the latter, this is hardly the first time that we have seen Harvey have a pretty large bee in his bonnet when it comes to Mike. He’s known for some time that he is a man with his own opinions, and he often chooses to act from his heard rather than what the standard logic for lawyers would be. As for why he is angry at Louis in the first place, let’s just say that the power struggle between the two has been ratcheted up to 11 as of late.

This past week on “Suits,” we actually saw a much softer side of Harvey as he developed a romance-of-sorts with a woman who was busy trying to prepare her own future as an adopted mother. In addition to that, Mike was getting involved in a romantic way with a married woman, but his decision to end things is going to come back to bite him in a very real way during this episode.

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