The Blacklist season 9: Who told Vandyke? More possible suspects

The BlacklistWhile we wait for The Blacklist season 9 to return on NBC next month, why not discuss the central subject at the moment? We know that someone told Vandyke where Liz/Reddington were located and in doing that, set the stage for her death.

So who could it be? Who are a number of the top candidates? Of course, there’s an opportunity to dive into a lot of great stuff within this piece!

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Marvin Gerard – He’s a great candidate in that he’s so well-connected into Reddington’s universe and knows most of what is going on at just about every moment. He’s smart, resourceful, and after Reddington tortured him, he may want a measure of revenge. It’s easy to imagine he’d have a connection to Vandyke somewhere in the criminal world.

Cynthia Panabaker – Another idea that makes some sense, given the Burn Notice she had on Liz and also her desire to tie up loose ends pertaining to the Task Force. However, how would she know who Vandyke really is, let alone a way to contact him?

Neville Townsend himself – Since he never had a Blacklist number, can we just assume that he is somewhere out there still? Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be some sort of big surprise if that was the case.

Liz? – It’s crazy, but what if she paid Vandyke a ton of money to fake her own death? Or, what if she wanted to take her own life to protect Agnes? We don’t buy either one of these theories, but absolutely they are out there.

The real Katarina – Sure, some people think Reddington is Katarina, but maybe the actual person thought Liz would start hunting for her and wanted to ensure she didn’t. Still, this feels too brutal.

In our mind, the responsible party here is either Marvin, Cynthia, Neville, or someone off the board we’re not thinking about.

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