‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Do we have a new target?

Dexter and Debra MorganOne of the benefits to “Dexter” season 8 premiering on June 30 is that we really don’t have to wait long to share news on what is coming up. Can anyone else say “welcome change” from the first few months of 2012? While it is still unclear as to whether or not this is the final season (though Jennifer Carpenter seems to believe so), the latest casting news suggests that Dexter Morgan could once again be up to some of his old tricks.

According to show site Dexter Daily, producers are currently casting a character by the man of Javier, who is described as being a tough, smart hitman with the capabilities to inflict a great deal of damage on pretty much anyone that he encounters. In other words, you can probably sum up this guy using one word: trouble. He will appear in the first two episodes of the year, which describes to us that he is possibly going to be the latest target that ends up on Dexter’s table. (On an unrelated note, does anyone else think of Javier Barden’s character from “No Country for Old Men” the moment you hear this name mentioned?)

As for some other possible theories, this could be someone who is chasing after Quinn after all of the drama he caused trying to protect Nadia this past season, which is otherwise known now as the most useless storyline ever considering that she has now up and left the city. The only other possible explanation is that Hannah McKay somehow hires him to take down Deb, and that does not make a whole lot of sense considering that she is someone that she would prefer to take down herself.

Filming is going to start up again for the show rather soon in Los Angeles, with this being the smallest amount of time the writers have had to create a brand-new story. To make matters worse, it is also rather difficult to figure out what you’re doing when you don’t know if you are writing towards an ending this year, or one in 2014.

Want to see the first “teaser” for the new season? It doesn’t have any new footage at all, but you can watch it nevertheless over at this link.

Photo: Showtime

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