ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 12 preview: This is what you call pain

ScandalThere are a number of cases of bad timing that are being made apparent to us at the moment on “Scandal,” and nearly all of them revolve around one thing: Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope getting way too deep into an affair that is slowly and surely tearing their lives apart from within.

It is bad enough that these two slept together for as long as they did, and now we are seeing Fitz making it even worse by deciding to break the news to Mellie that he wants a divorce while she is getting close to delivering the couple’s third child. Why would he do this? Being a bad person is a good answer, but it’s not really like you can look anywhere with this show and see someone who is the poster child for morality. After all, this is a show where we have a forgery crisis happening, and where the Vice-President is really valuing her own thirst for power more than she is a desire to be serve the country.

To make matters even worse, Fitz decided to make his move (regardless of whether or not he was thinking clearly when it happened) just as Olivia was receiving a marriage proposal of her own. While it’s pretty clear to us that Fitz is her true love, is there really any way she can be with him without destroying the man’s entire political career? This is what we are pretty unsure about at the moment, as we are looking at a house of cards that is inching closer and closer to falling apart.

If you want to read some more “Scandal” season 2 scoop via the executive producer herself in Shonda Rhimes, you can find it out by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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