‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 10 review: Is Castiel a puppet?

Misha CollinsOver the course of his time on “Supernatural” Castiel has become a man of many forms: he has been a kind-hearted angel, a power-hungry creature taken over by Leviathan; and now, he almost seems to be a marionette controlled by one of the strangest angels we’ve ever seen. The story of Naomi was made especially interesting this week with a number of key scenes, with of course the most jarring one being her order Misha Collins’ character to do away with the angel Samandriel, who had been captured by Crowley.

Long-term, the story that is more significant here is that like with the world of demons, there is effectively a tablet that can lock away all angels from the world. Considering that we are looking at both yin and yang here, it does make sense that one would exist; however, it gives Crowley a great deal more power, and it raises the stakes for Kevin, Sam, Dean, and just about everyone else.

On the subject of the Winchester brothers, we see this episode almost as a response to some of the criticism that the brothers’ fractured relationship is not nearly as interesting as when they are working together; and therefore, it was almost like the writers devised a way to hit a giant reset button. Sam made the predictable decision to let Amelia go, mostly because he realized where his heart was and he could not both be with her and continue to do his proper duties as a hunter. Meanwhile, Dean realized the same thing about his friendship with Benny, knowing that the troublesome vampire would continue to compromise things between him and his brother.

What “Torn and Frayed” did, it did very well: it cut back on some of the excess and the controversial storylines, and created a strong sense of mythology that will likely carry over to future episodes. Granted, we still see next week’s “LARP and the Real Girl” as largely filler … but it’s fun filler, and it’s hard to argue against that.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to read more news about Felicia Day’s appearance next week, you can do so here.

Photo: The CW

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