This Is Us season 6 spoilers: Longer flash-forwards on the way!

This Is UsWe’re still in the early going of This Is Us season 6 and with that in mind, it’s fair to expect a lot of dramatic twists and turns ahead. With that being said, though, how many of them will take place in the future? Are we actually going to spend more time in these time periods?

Rest assured, the writers DO have a plan to pay off much of what you’ve seen so far; you just may have to wait a little bit longer to get to them.

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Speaking in a new interview with Deadline, here is some of what creator Dan Fogelman had to say about these time periods, and just how much you will see from them:

We’ve got these two periods that, as we get deeper into the season, we’ll have some heavy time spent in them, which is the four or five years in the future, at Kate and Phillip’s wedding, and at the house where the family is gathering, slowly, over the course of these past few seasons. It’ll be a little different than we’ve done in the past which is, we’re going to be doing a little less — not that we won’t be doing it at all — but a little less of those, like at the end of Episode 2, where you see a glimpse of it to provide an answer, versus when we get to those places, we’ll live there a little bit more.

We have a real plan on how we’re going to spread out time, and you’ll see that it’s been part of our plan since the beginning. I think it will feel very easy to follow and very earned for people who’ve gone, wait, I’m seeing these glimpses of these things at the wedding or these things in the future that I want answers to the things I see. I think we’re going to live in them enough that people will get all of that closure that they’re looking for.

There is a question that we still wonder about here, and it’s a pretty simple one: What about the birth of Jack Damon’s baby? Are we going that far into the future again? There are a few little parts of the show that have been forgotten over time. Take, for example, Doctor Mason. (Remember him?) There is only so much time left in this story.

Odds are, learning about Edie is not the only surprise we’re going to have over the rest of the series. Have your tissues at the ready and stay prepared!

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