SEAL Team season 5 episode 12 photo: What’s on Jason’s mind?

SEAL TeamThis weekend you’re going to have a chance to see SEAL Team season 5 episode 12 over on Paramount+, and all signs point to it being a huge one for Jason Hayes. As a matter of fact, we’d go so far as to say that it could have an enormous bearing on the entirety of his future.

Where are things right now? Well, we’re at a pretty perilous point with Jason, one where he can’t trust himself to do the right thing. Not only that, but a number of other characters can’t trust him to do just about anything. He’s struggling with his decision-making thanks to a TBI and he’s also had some incidents in the past where he’s put others in Bravo Team in danger.

Is the look on Jason’s face here some sort of realization? Are his eyes open to what he needs to do now? The one thing we are confident about is that it’s not entirely fair to Ray and Clay that they have to continue to find a way to protect him when, as a result of that, they put the whole team at risk on some level.

By the end of this season, we tend to think that there’s going to be at least some sort of resolution to all of this — and we just hope that it’s something that enables Jason to still have a future here. One of the things that the show has long worked in order to do is really work to present a sense of mortality to the job as a SEAL. There is only so long that you can continue to do it safely. For someone like Jason, the situation is so much more tough since he doesn’t really know who he is beyond the career.

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What do you most want to SEAL Team season 5 episode 12, especially when it comes to Jason?

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