Dexter: New Blood EP hypes big announcement; is it season 2, spin-off?

Dexter New BloodJust a matter of a few hours ago, we wrote a story suggesting that there were likely talks already about a possible Dexter: New Blood season 2 or off-shoot. It’s something that so many of us want, but Showtime’s clearly kept their cards close to the vest here. Odds are, they don’t want to say much of anything that could spoil the end of this weekend’s finale.

Also, there’s the fact that they promoted New Blood as a limited series. What could they do moving forward to still reconcile that? Well, we’re going to get into something big shortly…

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In a new post on Twitter today, executive producer Scott Reynolds noted that there is an “exciting announcement” related to the show coming on Monday. Clearly, it’s something that can’t be announced until after the finale airs, so we tend to think that it’s linked to it in some way.

The easiest assumption to make here is that this is a season 2 renewal, but there may be some hesitancy to announced that now since it could signal that Dexter Morgan is, in fact, alive at the end of the finale. (There have been theories aplenty that he gets killed off, even by Harrison.) One of the other theories is that the announcement could be some sort of Harrison spin-off; the show has clearly focused on him enough to make it seem like something like this could be possible. While it may sound weird on paper to have a Dexter show without Dexter, they did manage to do a spin-off for Power with Ghost’s son Tariq, and he wasn’t anywhere near as popular as Harrison. Anything could still work.

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