‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: Back in time

How I Met Your MotherWhile we still don’t know just when “How I Met Your Mother” is going to be showing us the wedding for Barney and Robin, we do know this: we are going to be seeing plenty of comedy along the road to getting there.

For one example, just take a look at what is going to be coming up for the 17th episode of this season. Just the title alone sounds interesting, mostly when it comes to the sort of hijinks that tend to inherently pour of the “Weekend at Bernie’s” reference: “Weekend at Barney’s.” Sadly, we don’t know too much about the episode’s story … save for one awesome detail.

According to a new report from TVLine, there is going to be a fantasy sequence during this episode that ends up taking the story back to 1988, where Barney was just a young lad who was still trying to figure out how legendary he could really be. We don’t know yet how this is going to figure into his future story, but there are plenty of issues for him and Robin to work out before they get married, including his womanizing and possibly some of his issues with his own family. (John Lithgow has to return at least one more time, right?)

“How I Met Your Mother” was recently renewed for a ninth season, and the interesting question that comes out of that is when the wedding is going to happen. The characters acted Monday like the date is going to be in May of this year; and if that happens, we could have an entire year of actually seeing the mother around. However, we have a feeling something is going to happen before then to push the date back.

Do you want to know just who is officially out of the running to be the Mother? If so, be sure to check out this teaser for an upcoming episode here.

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