‘American Idol’ season 12 preview: See Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban in extended clip

American Idol LogoReady for “American Idol”? We know we are, and with that we have a brand-new video that should really get you going for the start of the audition episodes on Wednesday night.

The clip below can really be seen as a collection of some of the best moments from all of the audition rounds put together, though the producers are still not kind enough to actually give us any of the individual names. There is one thing that still strikes us about watching this video, and it reminds us as to why this is arguably the most-successful talent competition in the world: it feels less like a game show, and more like a journey. When the contestants first try out, they do so in front of just a few people; then, they still have to give a number of performances before they even get to be in front of an audience. By the time you are at the finale and there are all sorts of background singers and a full band, it feels like you’ve earned it rather than just being thrown into the fire right away.

Of course, there are also judges, and we can already tell you that Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are going to be our favorites based on their bubbly personalities and genuine enthusiasm to be there. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey already seems a few cliches away from becoming Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson is … Randy Jackson. You may not like him, but it is almost a prerequisite that he be there to say the word “dawg” a few times.

Going into this season, are you more or less excited than you were in the past? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read some highlights concerning some past “American Idol” contestants over here.

Photo: Fox

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