‘The Lying Game’ season 2 review: Did a drunk Ethan hook up with Sutton?

The Lying GameOn tonight’s episode of “The Lying Game” we learn that Jordan is not Rebecca’s actual son, but her step son and she tells Sutton that he doesn’t know about the girls being her daughters.

At school Mads is shocked to learn that Jordan is now going to the same high school as her and is embarrassed about her fling with him from the night before.  When he sees Rebecca at school he tells Mads and Laurel that she is his step mother. Mads is even more weirded out now that she’s learned that she fooled around with her new step brother.  She gets a call from her father’s lawyer telling her that he wants to see just her. Thayer and Emma try to convince Mads not to go, but she wants to know what he has to say.

Later Rebecca tells Jordan that she’s going to throw a “welcome home” party and that he needs to invite Laurel.  She tells him to cozy up to Laurel and ask her to play at the event, so Rebecca uses the opportunity to invite Ted to the party, saying that it’s a good opportunity to see Laurel perform and Ted considers it even though he’s been given an opportunity to go to couple’s counseling. Jordan smothers on the charm and Laurel falls for it saying that she’d be happy to play his party. Rebecca tells Sutton that she is hell bent on getting Ted back and while she wants to support her mom, she is starting to feel guilty for Kristen.

Sutton gives Ethan a paper to hand in at school so he can keep his grades up, but Emma is certain that he won’t cheat. Ethan does end up handing in the paper and Emma confronts him on his cheating, but he tells her that they are broken up and she needs to mind her own business at this point.  After reading the paper Ethan’s teacher confronts him and “Sutton” about the paper and she stands by Ethan saying that the paper is his.

Mads goes to see her father in jail and he tells her that he’s protecting Emma and Sutton by not telling anyone about them being twins.  She tells him that she saw the picture of him holding the murder weapon and he tells her that he never killed anyone.  he tells her that his lawyer found a finger print that proves he’s being framed and that he’s innocent.  She believes everything he tells her and she’s heart broken that he’s been framed.

The police find the girl who’s finger print was found at the scene of the crime and when she’s confronted she says “they said they’d never find me”, but who’s they? She says that she received a phone call from a man who paid ten grand to put a tire iron in Alec’s bag.

In marriage counseling Ted tries to say that he was protecting her by not telling her about the affair and asks her what it will take for them to get back together.  She tells him that all secrets have to be on the table for her to be able to move past it and he says that he’s told her everything.  Kristen tells Laurel that the counseling went very well and she’s thrilled.

At the party Emma shows up with Thayer and they ask Mads what happened when she met with her dad.  She tells them that she knows he’s innocent and that they are just causing problems for him. Mads upsets Thayer by saying that Alec is not his real father and he storms out of the party. Emma goes after him and he explains that Alec is really his step father and a moment passes between them.  Thayer leans in an kisses her.

Mads and Jordan talk about what the other night and they agree to let it go and never mention it again, starting over as friends. Later Mads admits to Emma that she hooked up with Jordan and seconds later Laurel comes into the bed room and gushes about how she thinks Jordan likes her. Ted confronts Rebecca and tells her that he wants her to stay away. Jordan gives a very drunk Ethan a ride and he has Jordan drop him off at the cabin Sutton is hiding at and he sees Sutton answer the door.

Photo: ABC Family

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