Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 6: About Brayden’s loyalty…

Power Book II: Ghost season 2Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 6 is set to air on Starz this weekend and as you prepare for that, why not have a chat about Brayden?

For most of the first season, this character existed mostly to be Tariq’s buddy and partner and CourseCorrect. It was shown that he was smart and resourceful, but he wasn’t as willing to go out on his own. In some ways, he was still getting his feet wet; there was no reason to rush anything along.

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At this point, one thing is pretty clear: We’re going to be seeing more trouble come Brayden’s way. As of late, we’ve seen this character working alongside Cane, doing some business without Tariq even knowing about it. Brayden doesn’t realize that Cane would set his friend up, but that’s precisely what happened with him hiding the badge.

The #1 thing that we’re left to wonder at this point is rather simple: How will Tariq react when he hears about Brayden and Cane? Can their friendship recover? We think so provided that Tariq does one thing: Opens up more to Brayden about what he’s been going through. A lot of Brayden’s actions are due to him itching to be in the action and while they’re close, Tariq has kept him at arm’s length. For guys who are supposedly so close, both of them have kept their fair share of secrets — that has to change in the event that they are ever going to become a better partnership. Brayden will also need to show that he’s loyal, even if that proves to be a challenge with Cane breathing down his neck.

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