‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 review: Zoe and Wade have their first fight

Hart of DixieOn tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2, Bluebell celebrates the pioneers of their town. “Southern Living” is coming to cover the pioneer days celebration and sample the foods, so Lemon feels that she has an opportunity to show off her skills, but since Lavon is organizing everything, Lemon is denied the chance. After staging a fight between Lemon and AnnaBeth in front of Lavon (pretending that their catering business has broken up), Lavon asks AnnaBeth to cater the celebration, but really it will be Lemon’s cooking. When “Southern Living” loves Lemon’s cooking, she is frustrated that she can’t take the credit for it, because Lavon doesn’t know it’s really all because of Lemon.  When Lemon finally comes forward to try and tell the woman from “Southern Living” that she was part of the catering team, she doesn’t believe her.

When Zoe finds out that Wade reported her car missing and didn’t tell her, she wonders if her relationship with Wade isn’t what she thought it was.  Wade tries to explain what happened to the car and after reading a book about the founding couple, she decides to be understanding about Wade misplacing her car after a fishing trip. Wade calls her out on why she’s being so nice and not getting mad at her and she explains that she’s following advice from the book to avoid arguments. As more and more “difficult” situations come up thanks to Wade being a knucklehead, Zoe’s patience quickly runs out. She tries picking up projects to channel her anger so that she won’t blow up at him, but Zoe’s projects are worrying Wade that she’s changing.

Wade goes to George for advice about what to do about Zoe and he suggests that he piss her off as much as possible to force her to stop acting weird. Finally it all comes out that Wade is trying to get Zoe to be pissed off at him and go back to being herself, but Zoe refuses to buckle. When Zoe finds out that Wade went to a strip club, she explodes and a fight erupts at the pioneer days celebration dinner in front of everyone. Later Wade tries to explain that it’s natural for people to fight, but Zoe tells him that she’s afraid of turning into her parents.  He tells her that they won’t end up like that and they make up.

Brick tries to explain what George saw on Christmas eve between him and Shelby and says that he’s not sure what to do about it.  He ends up deciding to break up with her, but when she shows up to Brick’s office she knows he’s trying to break up with him and lures him into staying with him with thoughts of new lingerie. Brick goes back to George to ask for his help again to break things off with Shelby and he tries again to break up with her, with George in an ear piece telling him what to say, but she quickly figures out it’s George and she’s pissed off. Later George gives Brick the advice to follow his heart and if he wants to date Shelby that he should and not worry what everyone else thinks.

Lavon confronts Lemon about what she did, running Ruby off from Bluebell and ruining his relationship with her and she hides her feelings for him once again, saying that it was because she was punishing Ruby for what she did to her in high school.  Lavon tells her that he never wants anything to do with her again.

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