Yellowstone season 4 finale: What did Kayce’s vision about Monica mean?

KayceWhat was going on with Kayce’s vision of Monica on the Yellowstone season 4 finale? This is a question that, for now, that we want more answers to. Unfortunately, it may take some time to get all of that.

For the time being, here’s at least what can be said: Kayce told his wife that he saw “the end of us” after his period of isolation and visions of the wolf. What does this even mean? We know there is an interpretation that the two just split up down the road, but it could be something worse. We could be talking about Monica dying in childbirth or some other terrible accident coming around the corner. We’ve also heard some other suggestions that Kayce means the end of the Dutton family empire, but you’d need a very specific read to go down this particular direction.

We don’t think what Kayce saw is meant to be taken lightly. After all, few things within the world of this show. It also tries to honor Native American tradition and this is what so much of this show is really all about.

Where we view things right now is rather simple: This is meant to be some sort of epic season 5 tease more so than anything else. We think their relationship will be a big part of season 5, and Kayce could be spending a good bit of time looking over his shoulder. That’s something that could cause him to change who he is radically.

Ultimately, we think will Kayce has gone through will make him a changed man, though it may take a little bit of time in order for that to be figured out in full. This is not a show that ever feels the need to rush things, and we don’t think that this will be the case here, either.

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What do you think Kayce’s vision of Monica means in the aftermath of the huge Yellowstone season 4 finale?

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